Standard requirements for superior boy (homo) sex videos

Guidelines based on sex economical principles of healthy sexual functioning and the metabolism and householding of the sexual energy

also a manifesto
  • By ‘boyish’ in this document is meant those behaviors, emotional and intellectual traits and proclivities that may be shared by males both prior to or following the onset of sexual maturation but not those that may be the exclusive property of the boy child state
  1. High level of horniness in all participants
    – excitement is clearly visible in faces, bodies, behavior.
  2. Good continuous shot of penis transitioning from soft to hard relatively rapidly
  3. Rigidity of erection
    – erection should be very hard, at best so that one gets the impression it’s on the verge of bursting.
    – penis should be solidly connected to the body frame and should strongly tent to swing in unison with rapid wriggling of the hips. Even large penises if dangling loosely when fully engorged is unacceptable.
    – a large, rigid bobbing penis is an added attraction,
  4. A relatively loose foreskin that glides with some ease back and forth over the penis head is a definite added attraction.
  5. A naturally (no lubricant or spit) moist and slippery penis head is a definite added attraction
    – caveat: the profusion of early stage clear viscous liquid/slime emanating from the slit at the tip of the penis head should not be so abundant as to cause a mess or give the impression of freak physiological functioning.
  6. Clear awe and adoration on the part of one of the parties is a great added attraction, all the more so if the other party plays his part with virile self-confidence and also shows care and appreciation for his admirer.
  7. All displays of strong friendship or bonding, even in cases where the relationship is clearly asymmetrical constitute a definite added attraction.
  8. All displays of one dominant and the other subordinate parties are only acceptable if adequate attention is given to the pleasuring of the subordinate party.
    – there should be absolutely no deviation from masculine or boyish behavior, rather the asymmetry may manifest along either the the leader/follower, the idol/admirer or the big brother/little brother axes.
  9. Love displayed should always be of the brotherly love kind whether between actual brothers or friends. Such displays if tender and candid (and thus moving) are always a great added attraction.
  10. Rigid adherence to video continuity should be preserved, absolutely no re-mixing to prolong action sequences or replays.
  11. One-camera recordings should be filmed in one continuous, uninterrupted shot.
  12. If advanced videographic techniques are employed, particularly with shots where more than one camera is being operated by persons off camera, their presence should be absolutely inconspicuous.
    – exceptions MAY – possibly – be granted when interaction between the on-screen persons and camera operator(s) somehow (?) adds charm and viewer enjoyment, this would typically include manifestation of group bonding and multi-layered affection.
  13. Humorous incidents may or may not add to the viewing experience
    – spontaneous eruptions of laughter following a tense moment may be a great added attraction, especially if an “icebreaker” moment causes the subsequent interactions to attain to a higher level.
  14. The congregation should bear deep meaning and importance to all involved parties with a high level of excitement and/or trepidation.
  15. Participants should be comfortable in their natural masculine gender behavior and should appreciate corresponding boyish behavior in each other.
  16. Absence of emotional or intellectual reflection is fine and may also constitute an added attraction if the personalities thus revealed are sympathetic and charming.
  17. If it should arise, non-acceptance (or even non-tolerance) of stereotypical “gay” behavior or “fagginess” – as long as this is clearly associated with effeminate behavior or any sub-cultural manifestations reflecting contaminant behavior stemming from immersion in, association with or conscious or unconscious mirroring of such standards of acting (and by inference the accompanying set of values) as is being promulgated and promoted from and within what is normally labeled the “LGBT(Q) community”, and, as long as this non-acceptance is clearly delineated from homosexuality proper, homoeroticism and would-be male-on-male love (again, as rooted in the brotherly love archetype) per se, is quite acceptable, but such displays should not be overly “nasty” or aggressive, rather, they constitute and added attraction in as much as they go to show that the person(s) have a clear, sound conception of what is healthy and natural male behavior and traits as well as masculine values in contradistinction to contorted and morbid gender roles. Any expostulation or elaboration. however, on this by e.g. pointing out political agendas or delving into social commentary as such would diminish the viewing attraction of the video.
    – of course, if someone ever set out to and managed to produce an “after hour” (“after sex”) segment for a sex video this might be one of myriad topics that could be introduced. This of course has never been done for a video such as is described herein and would be an unprecedented novelty that could only very hardly be conceived to be produced in such a proficient manner as to constitute an integrated componet and an edded value to a video of such sublime character as this document would dictate
  18. No acting, no directing, no pre-planned progression. The events that occur should have an organice flow and feel conveyed to  the viewer. The more spontaneous (not to be confused with ‘erratic’), dynamic and absent of individual limiting random preferences, the better.
  19. No prejudicial hang-ups based on learned or perceived innate, aversions to contact between any parts of one’s own body and any parts of the other person’s body, Nor to contact with any body fluids.
    – exceptions to this include specifically transgressive practices which brings the sexual subject on a fetish-oriented trajectory distancing themselves from non-inititated persons, such as fisting or application of pain to enhance sensuous intensity.
  20. No paraphernalia, including all toys except fleshlights and other objects, manufactured of naturally existing or devised, with the same receptacle function as the fleshlight.
  21. No using external objects to stimulate sexual arousal or functioning. This includes watching porn or the use of chemicals specifically for the purpose of augmenting sexual performance. Using and being under the influence of of alcohol, cannabis or other recreational or entheogenic drugs or compounds may or may not be acceptable, although it must be acknowledged that individuals who habitually intoxicate themselves with alcohol or other psychoactive drugs are unlikely to possess many of the personal qualities outlined in this document.
  22. No reference, verbal or otherwise, to so-called “safe sex”. All parties believe themselves to be healthy and assume the same to be the case of their partner(s). It is taken as a given that such persons as are described in this document would not engage in deceptive behavior that could put at risk the healthy functioning of a friend.
    – no condoms
  23. Semen may upon ejaculation be ejected inside either the oral or anal orifices and if this occurs in a manner where ejecting fluid can be observed naturally by the camera this is considered to greatly enhance the viewing experience, however, no ostentatious displays should occur such as gaping to the camera to display deposited semen or focusing on the anal sphincter following the withdrawal, except immediately after to display seepage. If semen is deposited internally wither orally or anally, only organic (meaning naturally occurring) leakage in the course of continuing penetration or pulling out should take place, thus also no spitting out semen.
    – also, no lascivious displays nor, in most cases, extended scenes of smearing of semen
    – spill of semen on body parts is best removed by the tongue
    – semen leaking from the anus is problematic in that lapping it up invariably entails the ingesting of some autochtonous bowel content (see point 33)
    – sharing of semen via the mouths may or may not act to enhance the viewing experience
    – oral ejaculation should always occur inside the mouth in connection with sucking or thrusting, which may pause for the full duration of the emission, or it may not.
    – copious volume of semen leaking from the corner of the mouth or the anus during uninterrupted thrusting, especially if this suggests overflow, is a top rate added attraction.
    – similarly, pulling out and reinserting (more gently or forcibly thrusting) all the while continuously ejaculating, if done without appearing contrived, is a great added attraction.
    – semen should ideally be white, having a thick creamy texture and be copious.
  24. Natural shyness and timidity as long as it doesn’t act prohibitively, i.e. when it is transcended, in either participant, or particularly when it involves both parties, is a a top rate added attraction.
    – when first time fledgling experiences are captured sensitively, especially if the person seen to be letting himself go, to be lost in the moment and his partner and trustingly going with the flow of the energies, this is a great added enhancement.
  25. Exhibitionist action can be an added attraction which rapidly diminishes, however, if it becomes a habitual fetish.
  26. Close-ups of the scrotum and base of penis revealing ductile musculature contracting rhythmically during ejaculation is a great added attraction.
  27. Close-ups of penetration at either orifice is a great added attraction
    – such close-ups when usually occurring ordinarily last relatively shortly before another view is shown, the reason being a need to convey a progression of the sex play by artificial means. If such progression becomes obvious through other, natural and dynamic elements, such as described in this document, it would be easier to remain for a prolonged duration in such a close-up view. A prolonged close-up view which leads up to and includes the orgasm would be a significant enhanced attraction.
  28. Involuntary contraction of pelvic muscles which causes rhythmic thrusting is a top rate added attraction when these motions take on an urgency and “life of their own” forewarning of imminent orgasm.
    – similarly involuntary organic participation of the full body or many parts of the body during sex is also a great added attraction.
  29. In correspondence with the previous point, engrossed involvement of the breathing mechanism when occurring from an intrinsic, organic source rather than forced and mechanical, either for the purpose of augmenting the sexual experience of the (heavy) breather himself or to make an impression on others (e.g. the viewer), is a top rate added attraction. Such breathing would typically include many or all of the following features:
    – jerky breathing
    – trembling breath
    – pitched vocalizations revealing the intensity of tension or arousal, and also relative proximity to climax (which may also intermittently wane)
    – swallowing
    – long, sultry moans succeeded by shorter, rapidly escalating soft moaning
    – the abdominal skin surface moved by the underlying muscles, often in close correspondence with pelvic activity, will typically accompany these various breathing patterns.Audio and (close-up) video capturing these aspects of the unfolding sexual act leading towards, through and even manifesting post climax (i.e. relaxed deep, but diminishing breathing), greatly add to the quality of the sex video.
  30. A dedicated microphone recording the sound of penetrating thrusting, or if possible even other low-volume sounds of flesh moving on flesh, would be a great enhancing feature.
  31. Caressing the attractive physical features of the other with hands, lips or other parts of the face can be very tender in revealing the uninhibited affection, not only sexual attraction between boys. This may even involve the bits of the groin region, however, in this manner not conducted with the intention of initiating sexual play. If such caressing does trigger a sexual response this often evolves almost imperceptibly from the purely sensuous to the sexual phase. In most cases, nonetheless, foreplay would invariably be the intended frame of mind when recording such tendernesses between naked bodies (or at least one of the bodies would initially be naked)
  32. Urination can be a part of sex and may occur during any phase or ongoing action. Either both (all) parties will know beforehand that the other(s) are tolerant or accepting of sexual urination, or one party may indicate or suggest that such action could take place, in which case the other(s) would indicate their attitude. The cause for this particular wording is simply that if any of the parties were averse to sexual urination, such a refusal is unlikely to be part of a video being released for distribution.
    – urination may be initiated simply for the reason that one of the parties “needs to go”, and rather than pausing sex play as the needy person may have had in mind the other(s) suggest an alternative, experimental scenario
  33. If during anal intercourse the penetrating organ should happen to come in contact with with and become smeared with feces this needn’t necessarily be a cause for scrapping the shoot or editing this out of the video (see also point 10). A generally much needed defusing if the issue short of promoting sexual play focused on fecal matter could be attempted if all parties are free of all neurotic aversion to feces and instead deal with the issue in a practical manner which might also include humorous downplay. If during this process any fecal matter gets ingested, the point remains about defusing the situation and downplaying the would-be perceived grossness or outrageousness of the act and carrying on from there as if not something really terrible just happened, The incident may even be brought up again in banter during continued sexual play or afterwards, perhaps even with some form of kudos being exhanged conveying the expedient and adroit handling of the emergency.
  34. On pure sex economical principles no particular planning or preparation immediately preceding sexual congregation should be allowed as this would go radically counter to the principle of organic (natural, dynamic) living. This would then preclude administering an enema prior to anal intercourse. There would then have to be made a consideration and a subsequent choice of whether such an act would be advisable, or most likely too messy.Similarly the use of a lubricant to facilitate anal penetration must be precluded. Instead the parties (all people in fact) need to learn to move with the rhythms and energy flows of their own body as they interact in myriad ways with the energy environment in which it is immersed, which includes emotional, social and spiritual energies that can hardly be detected but which one can learn to move synchronous with through applied sex economy and less efficiently via other truly holistically oriented spiritual practices. There are glands around the anal orifice which secrete natural lubricating substances, and when lovers learn to obey these natural processes, the processes in turn will act harmoniously with social situations and make use of artificial (in that they are used completely independent of and ignoring these sensitive bodily functions which are very much subjected to the “use it or loose it” principle, i.e. if one learns to ignore the body’s many subtle processes that one could have entrained oneself to act in harmony with, these functions will start to becoming random and erratic, then very often cease altogether. The lubricant fluid emitted from the urethra at the slit at the tip of the penis similarly will assist in making anal intercourse feasible and enjoyable when respected and appreciated in the same manner as just discussed, or it will dry up very soon after the abundant years of adolescent sexual functioning.



Wilhelm Reich – Dune mentat, comparison

I seek questions that form the best images

Doing this, you never thought of yourself as clever, that you had the formula to provide the solution. You remained as responsive to new questions as you did to new patterns.Testing, re-testing, shaping and re-shaping. A constant process, never stopping, never satisfied. It was your own private pavane, similar to that of other Mentats but it carried always your own unique posture and  steps.

– Frank Herbert, Chapter House Dune, p. 74, New English Library, London (1985)

Then consider this:

Theologian Robert S. Corrington emphasizes Reich’s unusual thinking power in his 2003 Reich biography. He considers Reich to have had an almost unparalleled ability to synthesize knowledge from vastly diverging fields “simultaneously maintaining several seemingly incompatible conceptual horizons in one expanding categorial and phenomenological space, while also making continual reconstruction and reconfigurations that correspond to an expanding phenomenal data field.”[1]. Corrington asserts that while Freud at best could work out one or two categorial horizons simultaneously, “Reich […] could hold a number of horizons in his mind while reshaping each one under the creative pressure of the others, […]producing a rich skein from the game strategies of (1) transformed psychoanalysis, (2) cultural anthropology, (3) economics, (4) bioenergetics, (5) psychopathology, (6) sociology, and (7) ethics.[