My YouTube comments are being censored

On several occasions I have experienced posting comments to YouTube videos where other people tell me they cannot see the comments I am referring to. Most recently this happened on the video Ukrainian General blows the lid on international zionists in Ukraine. To document my case I will post links to two zipped versions of the web page containing the video – one when I am logged in and another when I’m not. (You will need to unpack each zip file into a folder on your hard disk and then click the associated html file to view the saved page copy.)

What then becomes quote obvious is that the first comment in the “when I’m logged in” version, by me, is not present in the version of the page when I’m not logged in. No wonder people cannot see what I tell them time and time again is there. Because to them it isn’t!


Add to this two comments that I have written have apparently been deleted since I cannot see them in either version of this YouTube page. They were posted in the thread started by me which begins: “I remember investigating this guy when…” The first one was a duplicate of the long posting where I start by providing the link to another copy of this video on YouTube originally posted in 2014 which is only visible in the logged-in version of the page.

I also have saved the two different versions of another YouTube page where my comment was only showing to me when I am logged in to my YouTube account, but I’ll post this page now without that which I’ll add to this page at a later date.


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