Global ban from Wikimedia Foundation sites and events

email received today 7:02 AM

Dear Mr. Johansen (User:Meco),

This communication is to notify you that the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) has globally banned you from Wikimedia Foundation websites and platforms (including but not limited to any site listed at, mailing lists hosted by WMF, WMF Labs, and the Wikimedia blog) as well as any in-person events sponsored or funded by the WMF. You accordingly may not participate in, edit, contribute, or otherwise modify any content on those sites, platforms, or lists without permission. This ban is placed against you, not against a particular username.  It applies to any alternate accounts that you may control and any accounts you may create in the future. Furthermore, you may not participate as an anonymous user (“as an IP user”).

We are taking this action because of a concern for the safety of our users and the integrity of the projects based upon a history of legal concerns as well as violations of our Terms of Use.This action is permanent and non-appealable.


James Alexander
Community Advocacy
Wikimedia Foundation

possibly not in response to the following email which I attempted to post to the mailing list March 22nd but which did not make it past moderation:


  • A very interesting discussion finally got underway at Wikimedia Commons. It’s the same discussion thread as I have linked to above only subsequent to that version of the page: link
  • Also, the link in other documents to my 2000-2001 criminal trial has now been restored, and the image which I had uploaded to Wikimedia Commons can be inspected on page 184 of that document. Apparently, someone logged into my Scribd account on March 23 and deleted that document only (out of more than 300 of my uploads there). Scribd Support has now restored the pdf file. The file was repeatedly deleted at Scribd. Finally, I received a response from the person who has written their terms of use letting me know that Scribd had in fact deleted the file as it involved minors. I asked where in their terms this is mentioned, repeatedly, but got no answer. He also claimed that they had notified me of this. I have not received any such notification. I also wonder why Scribd initially responded that the file had been deleted by myself.

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